The 5 elements of yin- join us for 5weeks

The 5 elements of yin- join us for 5weeks

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Every Monday 7:15pm-8:15pm
5 element Yin yoga with Danae yoga and meditation @natural Harmony TCM, 1059 Mt Alexander road Essendon
 Feel totally nourished as you join me for a 5week cycle of yin yoga, touching base on each of the 5elements in accordance with traditional chines medicine.
In this slow, gentle, nourishing practice poses are held for 3 or more minutes, creating deep stretches within the joints, ligaments and connective tissues.

Yin yoga also allows us to explore our emotions, and how they may effect the natural flow of chi (energy) that moves throughout our meridians (energy channels). As energetic beings, creating a balanced energetic flow is an important part in maintaining our overall health.

Each week we focus on one of the five elements according to traditional Chinese medicine.

This practice is suitable to all levels including beginners.

Please find below the 5 elements, their associated meridian lines, emotions and seasons related to each element.
Water- kidneys/urinary bladder, fear, winter.
Wood- Liver/gall bladder, Anger, spring.
Fire- Heart/small intestine, Joy, summer.
Earth- Spleen/stomach, overthinking, late summer.
Metal- Lung/large intestines, grief, autumn.
Spaces are limited as classes are kept small.
What if i cant attend all 5?? If you cant make a class not to worry as the 5 element cylce will continue to repeat and you can catch up at a later date.
I look forward to moving through the elements with you over the next 5 weeks, if you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me at