Yoga for all phases of your cycle

Getting in touch with your cycle is very complimentary to your overall health and wellbeing. You may or may not be in tune with the different phases of your cycle but its never to late to start. Each Phase can bring about different levels of energy and an array of different emotions/moods when we become aware of this we can create or choose a practice that is better suited to the needs of our bodies as we enter into each phase. Here are some suggested practices and poses for each phase of your cycle 


Phase one: Menstrual Phase (bleeding)

During this phase we tend to have much lower levels of energy and our bodies call out to for us to rest and be gentle with ourselves letting us process our emotions and thoughts.

Yoga recommendations: any kind of gentle practice  such as Restorative,Yin, Nidra, meditation

Poses: Forward folds, gentle twists, cat cow, child’s pose, knees to chest, shavasana.


Phase two: Folicular Phase (pre ovulation)

Our energy returns at this time and it seems to be our most yang/masculine in energy we want to get active and get things done.

Yoga Recommendations: A stronger strengthening practice such as hatha, ashtanga

Poses: warrior poses, sun salutations, inversions 



Phase three: Ovulation Phase (most fertile phase)

Remaining in higher levels of energy however we tend to shift more into our femininity at this time maybe even becoming a little more social and crave deeper connection with those close to us.

Yoga recommendations: Hatha, vinyassa flow, partner yoga

Poses: Heart openers, bridge pose, cobra, supported butterfly, legs up the wall, forward folds.


Phase four: luteal phase (pre-menstrual phase)

Our energy levels might be up and down, our emotions may become heightened along with our intuition and…… our patience! It can be a challenging time but it can also be a creative time if we go along with the ride and listen to our inner voice.

Yoga recommendations: This phase is all about how you feel on the day and honouring your body if your fatigued go for a gentle practice if your burning with energy go for a stronger practice 

Poses: same as above whatever feels good day to day.

I personally never knew all that much about my cycle in my younger years I think I felt more embarrassed about it more than anything and wanted to hide it! And I definitely did not acknowledge it! But as get older and care less about what anyone else thinks I am more intrigued about my cycle and the benefits of being in tune with it, this practice is fairly new to me but I have certainly found being more aware has been helpful in my overall wellbeing and it is my hope that you find it helpful too. I look forward to learning and sharing more with you. Our bodies are truly magical when you really think about it.

Love & Light