Yin+Acu = Rebalancing You


Yin + Acu = Rebalancing You 

Join highly saught-after Five Element Acupuncturist - Anna Pino and dedicated yoga teacher - Danae Arnarellis for monthly 90min group healing sessions of Yin Yoga & Five Element Acupuncture.
What is Yin+Acu?
A beautiful fusion of yin yoga and five element style acupuncture forming the ultimate group nourishment and healing class.
Have you tried Yin Yoga?
This is a slow paced yoga where gentle stretching poses are held for longer periods of time. This beautiful practice creates a greater awareness of the mind body and spirit connection and is suitable for all levels.
Have you tried Five Element Acupuncture?
This is a classical form of acupuncture that is very gentle and specific to nature's seasons.
The acupuncture needles are used to activate acupuncture points, and they are not retained in the body.
You can choose to have acupressure instead.
Can I join a Yin+Acu class if I am pregnant?
Pregnant women are very welcome to join, Yin Yoga is very safe and can be adjusted to pregnancy as can acupuncture. You can let us know if you are pregnant at the time of booking or on the day.
What to expect?
Warm and welcoming spaces, A nourishing Yin Yoga practice with the gentle application of Five Element Acupuncture. This session will leave you feeling relaxed, re-inspired and rebalanced.
When and Where to catch us?
We will be offering a monthly class in alternating locations between Natural Harmony Studio (Essendon) and the beautiful Danae Wellness Studio (New Gisborne).
Whats Included:
- 90min Yin Yoga/ 5element acupuncture class
- Small gift
- Healthy treat and tea
Please arrive 10min early to fill out a small questionnaire
Anna & Danae look forward to sharing this special class with you xx
Ps Stay tuned for our Yin+Acu two day workshop later this year delving deeper into the wonderful theory behind Five Elements and Yin Yoga practice, emotions and our (Qi).


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