Utilising crystals and essential oils in yoga

Yoga essentially is the practice of physical movements and meditation used to reconnect and encourage unity within the mind, body and spirit. Yoga allows for a simple awareness of our energetic bodies and how we may align this natural energetic flow, known as prana, chi, life force energy. Crystals and essential oils have long been used for their healing benefits when working with and aligning energy in the body.

Crystals are natural conductors of energy and can be used to help unblock stagnate energy flow within the body. Essential oils have high vibrational frequencies that can help raise and activate the vibrational frequency of your chakras and of course they smell amazing and can instantly have a calming or uplifting effect just by simply smelling their scent. Intuitively choosing a Chakra crystal or essential oil to may assist and enhance your yoga and meditation practice.

Chakras in basic definition are main points of energy that are located along the centre line of the body. When the energy flow is out of balance it can potentially cause negative effects in the mind, body and spirit. Yoga, crystals, essential oils and singing bowls are all ways that can help to maintain our energetic alignment along with many other alternative therapies. I hope to upload a video on how I utilise them in my practice soon. Maybe you can try adding them to your next practice. Happy energy balancing  :)