The Energies of 2018

2+0+1+8 = 11 According to numerology this means learning, growth & major transformation in our lives. It’s the year of coming into your personal power, reigniting what inspires your soul & following your intuition. It’s the year of taking action.

2018 also holds within it the energy of number 2 = bringing connection, compassion, partnership, balance and a stronger sense of the Devine feminine energy.

I can feel it already and maybe you can too, that this year is going fast paced, its full steam ahead and I can't emphasise enough how important it is to set out your goals. Its time to Believe in yourself, Empower yourself and take action in your life.

Avoid the overwhelm of this year and put your goals to paper. Take one step at a time. This doesn't mean you won't still get those little moments of overwhelm, I certainly do but it doesn't get me all stuck. It is a moment to be acknowledged and processed and then we keep on taking those baby steps into 2018 towards our dreams and goals.

Believe in yourself and dream big in 2018

Join Ilana and myself for our next Envision 2018


Included in this 4hrs workshop:⠀
- Setting out clear goals & dreams for the year ahead⠀
- Yin yang yoga⠀
- Clearing energetic blockages⠀
- Chakra Clearing Meditation⠀
- Take home your very own chakra crystal set valued at $29.95⠀
- Fresh inspired mind & a nourished body.⠀

Love, Light, Peace