Move into spring with 5 element Yin yoga

Hello world!!! are you feeling not quite your true self, maybe a little tired and run down from the coldness of winter?? As spring has begun and the weather begins to warm up our lives seem to get a little busy.. But is your body, mind and soul ready for spring? did you allow time for nourishment and slowing down in the winter months? did your reserves fill up? or are they still feeling empty?did you allow time for yourself?

Nature knows.....Nature is great at listening to the seasons and adjusting to these seasonal changes, however we as human beings we seem to keep on keeping on and push through the year without allowing time for proper restoration.. or Maybe we do rest but we stress about resting, I know I am guilty of that.. then begins this cycle of not truly allowing our bodies to restore and recharge to its fullest potential.

My favourite way to allow for this time of restoration is through yoga and meditation, in particular Yin yoga, and with my love of nature I have structured each class around the 5 elements according to Traditional Chinese medicine. The 5 elements allows us to bring ourselves and our awareness back to the cycles of nature and how these cycles may effect our bodies and minds, then through this awareness we can begin our journey back to our truest healthiest selfs.

What are the 5 elements- each element is related to different meridian lines (energy channels) emotions and seasons amongst many other things and as I learn about the complexity of each element I realise that my knowledge will be forever evolving on this subject but here is a very basic outline of the elements. 

Water- kidneys/urinary bladder, fear, winter.

Wood- Liver/gall bladder, Anger, spring.

Fire- Heart/small intestine, Joy, summer.

Earth- Spleen/stomach, overthinking, late summer.

Metal- Lung/large intestines, grief, autumn.

Moving through each of the elements within a yin practice allows a safe space for you delve into the body, move through any emotions that may arise, nourish and nurture your whole being.

If you didn't get the full amount of rest your body required this winter and your still feeling tired, maybe adding a little yin or meditation practice into your life is just what you need.

xox Namaste